Hi, I’m Scott Hatfield.

I am a Maker.

My Work

Toglefritz’s Lair

On the Internet, I often use the nom de plume, Toglefritz. Toglefritz’s Lair is a kind of miscellaneous blog where I publish posts about subjects that don’t fit well in my other blogs, described above. For example, in January 2013 I won a FormLabs Form 1+ 3D printer from Instructables. So, I published a series of posts about my experience with the high-end 3D printer on Toglefritz’s Lair. I often write posts on Toglefritz’s Lair about solving tricky problems with popular software or hardware that I had difficulty finding documentation for elsewhere online.


Dabbletron is a site about designing, building, and working with 3D printers.

I created this site and I write all its content. 3D printers are highly sophisticated machines; designing 3D printers requires knowledge of mechanical design, electrical engineering, software development, 3D modeling, and more. Despite the rapid growth and proliferation of 3D printing technology, I felt that few high-quality, comprehensive tutorials about designing 3D printers from scratch existed online. So, I created Dabbletron to provide the best 3D printing tutorials available.

Black Tie Aerial

I created Black Tie Aerial when I got into multirotor design and construction about two years ago. When I was working on my first multirotor, an SK450 Dead Cat quadcopter, I was frustrated by the lack of comprehensive tutorials and information available online. It was hard to find a single place that described the entire process of building multirotor aircraft. Instead, multirotor enthusiasts like me had to spend hours scouring the Internet for bits and pieces of information from dozens of different sites. So I created Black Tie Aerial to provide the best multirotor tutorials, and other information, available.

Instructables Member

Instructables is a site that lets people explore, document, and share their creations. As an extremely active member of the Instructables community, I’ve published dozens of tutorials covering a wide range of subjects, from cooking, to artwork, to electronics design, to multirotor aircraft building. Many of my tutorials on Instructables have been featured among the

On Instructables, as well as on many other sites, I use the nom de plume, Toglefritz to publish my work.